Motivational Speaker

Tom’s motivational performances, mixing inspiration and comedy, have been delivered to organizations such as Panda Express, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Entertainment Fellowship, to name a few.

Here are a few comments from a recent audience:

"Amazing. You were fantastic and funny. I am a happier person ever since I heard you speak. I wish it could have been longer than an hour." - Kelly Tran

"Thank you for your inspirational words on how to change my life. And now I shall." - Sally Ha

"There were so many "Take Aways" from your message. I'm about to turn 40 in the next couple of days and your message was right on target and right on time." - Yahne Beharry

"I really needed your motivating words of wisdom. You taught me that I trained myself to be a victim now I need to practice your mental exercises and train myself to be a Victor." - Jacqueline Tse

video clips

Watch clips from some of Tom's motivational speaking performances.

  • All of Life Is About Perception
  • You're All Winners
  • The Prize
  • Self Talk